Solana Santa Club

888 unique Santas on the Solana blockchain. Solana Santa Club is a love project that combines pixel art with a holiday charm.

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Solana Santa Club is an NFT (non fungible token) project, consisting of 888 uniquely generated santa characters. Each character is unique and they are stored on the Solana blockchain. Use them as your profile picture for the Holidays or just keep in your digital art collection. To buy a Solana Santa you'll need a Solana wallet (eg. Phantom). The project will be initially minted here on SolanaSantaClub. After the initial release you can trade as you wish. Crypro Santa Club is primarly an art project, but feel free to join our community Twitter if you want.

What's the price?

The initial minting price will be 0.2 SOL, plus there are minimal transaction fees on the Solana blockchain. After the initial sale price there will be a 5% royalty fee on each transaction.

What's your roadmap?

There's no roadmap. Solana Santa Club is primarly an art project. With that being said, we reserve the possibility of future projects being exclusively released to owners of Santas.

Is there a Discord?

No, there's no Discord. With a few exeptions most Discord servers are full of people in-and-out who want to make a quick flip. Ain't nobody got time for that. Only buy a Santa if you like the art.

Who is this for?

Whoever likes the unique Holiday themed designs.

What are you selling, can I just take a screenshot?

Yes, you can. Similary how you can go to the Lourve and take a photo of the Mona Lisa. Or. You can actually own it. With NFTs verifiable digital ownership is now possible and we just think this is really cool.

Who is behind Solana Santa Club?

Solana Santa Club was originally made by @rauschermate, a designer based in the Bay Area who is building SaS products by day and enjoys designing cool things by night.

Does this project have any relationship with CryptoPunks?

No, Solana Santa Club is not associated with LarvaLabs is any way, shape, or form. Except for the fact that we've found CryptoPunks very inspiring and enjoyed the 8-bit pixel art.

How can I help?

Spread the word about Santas. Tell your friends about it, gift it for Christmas, use it as your profile picture or anything like that.